When will I Ever Be Ready to…

When will I ever be ready to…unpack your bag that came home from the hospital?…Dump the trash that’s in your trash can?….

When Miracles Don’t Happen

“But God”…you see, that’s a popular saying these days in Christian dialogue. But God…what did He do? She’s gone. There was no miracle. It sure feels like she was a victim of Cancer. She’s no longer here with us. Oh, how we prayed. All over the literal world people were praying for our girl. Praying for a miracle. God didn’t answer our prayers. How do we reconcile this disappointment with our faith?

Things I don’t want to forget…

January 9, 2021 LPW…Wednesday was difficult. I was paying attention to what was happening in D.C., but that isn’t why. I wasn’t surprised by the direction that D.C. went though. I guess I’m a bit numb to so much of that. No, the difficult part for me was that I began trying to remember someContinue reading “Things I don’t want to forget…”

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