Last post, I shared music by Stephen Curtis Chapman that was inspired by his families loss of their daughter, Maria. Another Christian family that has lived out their suffering very publicly, is the Lusko’s. Levi and Jennie Lusko pastor the Fresh Life Church in Montana. They minister in several ways, but Levi’s book “Through The Eyes of a Lion” was written specifically about the loss of their daughter Lenya and all that he felt God wanted him to share following some of their suffering through that loss. I guess in prophetic preparation for what was to come, I read it last winter. I find myself re-reading it again as I process all that has happened. The Lusko’s are “real” with their thoughts and feelings, but solid in their faith. Lenya’s death has shaped them and given them a platform to connect with others in a deeper way. He openly talks about how grieving doesn’t ever go away. He’s candid and real about balancing our sorrow with hope.

I like watching his sermons from Fresh Life as well. Technology has blessed us with the ability to catch several sermons on Sunday. Yesterday, as beautiful as it was outside, I found myself watching several on-line sermons. I guess it’s what my heart needed. Levi said something that I’d like to share. He said(and I’m paraphrasing) that both God and the enemy have a plan for your suffering. Have you ever thought about how different those plans look?….Now imagine those plans lived out. Frightening. The blessed life is the best life. It’s my prayer that each of us will take our sorrows straight to the One who wants to walk with us out of the pit. The one who wants to show us glimpses of glory with Him and our loved one. The One who hates death as much as we do. So much so, that He made a plan to defeat it once and for all. Friends, in heaven we will live more of our life WITH our loved ones,than without. Until then, I’ll wait…with hope.

Who’s story has helped you? Or do you have a resource to share? Comment below.

Through the Eyes of a Lion: Facing Impossible Pain, Finding Incredible  Power: Lusko, Levi, Steven Furtick: 0884704031801: Books