I Can’t Drive 65

When strong emotions catch me off guard, it still surprises me. I’m not sure why. I know it’s expected with grief. I guess it’s because I like to think that I know how I’m doing and I try very hard not to put myself into a situation that I feel like I won’t handle well.


When do you make a promise? When you do, is it something that you take lightly or does it carry weight? For me personally, when I make a promise, it’s significant. A promise is something that is usually held for a special moment of building confidence or trust into something that another person may deem as uncertain, or insecure.

This Season

I’ve always liked the spring time.   My love for gardening and flowers as a young adult just intensified my love for this time of year.  Seeing the green shoots of spring bulbs bursting forth towards the warmth of the sun is so exciting.  I often find myself looking daily at the ground where some ofContinue reading “This Season”

The Arrow

The arrow has become a meaningful symbol to me.  I’m not exactly sure how it all began.  It was my niece, Brittany and her husband Brady, who offered to design t-shirts for all of Sarah’s supporters to purchase as a fund raiser.  They came up with the Sarah Strong t-shirt which featured her name, JeremiahContinue reading “The Arrow”

When Miracles Don’t Happen

“But God”…you see, that’s a popular saying these days in Christian dialogue. But God…what did He do? She’s gone. There was no miracle. It sure feels like she was a victim of Cancer. She’s no longer here with us. Oh, how we prayed. All over the literal world people were praying for our girl. Praying for a miracle. God didn’t answer our prayers. How do we reconcile this disappointment with our faith?

Things I don’t want to forget…

January 9, 2021 LPW…Wednesday was difficult. I was paying attention to what was happening in D.C., but that isn’t why. I wasn’t surprised by the direction that D.C. went though. I guess I’m a bit numb to so much of that. No, the difficult part for me was that I began trying to remember someContinue reading “Things I don’t want to forget…”

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