It’s Silent

Some times words flow in a journal, in a blog, or form themselves into an attempt at a poem, or even a song.

Things I don’t want to forget…

January 9, 2021 LPW…Wednesday was difficult. I was paying attention to what was happening in D.C., but that isn’t why. I wasn’t surprised by the direction that D.C. went though. I guess I’m a bit numb to so much of that. No, the difficult part for me was that I began trying to remember someContinue reading “Things I don’t want to forget…”

On being creative…

Shared this on my personal FB page a year ago today. You’ve probably figured out that writing for me is therapy. A way to express my emotions and process them. It also helps me compare those thoughts to the truth that is instilled in me. It’s a creative and therapeutic process for me at theContinue reading “On being creative…”

Grace In Grieving

Everyone wants to know how we’re really doing. There’s no easy way for me to respond to that. I won’t speak for Chad and Libby, but one minute I’m doing ok, thinking about some menial task, and the next minute something triggers a thought of Sarah and what should “be” and I’m in tears. GrievingContinue reading “Grace In Grieving”

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