Welcome To The Club

The club that no one wants to join.

Things I don’t want to forget…

January 9, 2021 LPW…Wednesday was difficult. I was paying attention to what was happening in D.C., but that isn’t why. I wasn’t surprised by the direction that D.C. went though. I guess I’m a bit numb to so much of that. No, the difficult part for me was that I began trying to remember someContinue reading “Things I don’t want to forget…”


I found myself so angry the other day. Lately I’ve been remembering and looking back at our time line of events—The initial trips to Riley and all that was involved with Sarah’s diagnosis. As I was reflecting on the events and the timing, so many feelings came flooding back with those memories. I remember feelingContinue reading “Trauma”

The Place of Your Space

There are spaces in our world that still belong to you. I imagine that they always will. We are trying our best to go on without you, but your spaces remain there-empty, but I still see you. It’s not really you, but it’s the shadow of you-a memory that is manifested by my imagination. DidContinue reading “The Place of Your Space”

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