Is Goodbye Just a Lie?

I’ve been wondering

As I’ve been pondering,

The things that you must know.

Once you’ve stepped through-

Once you break through-

To heaven, now your home.

All the questions

Must be answered.

Now you understand.

How your story,

Your hard journey,

Fit into the plan.

Are you watching

Or Still waiting

To see the seeds

You’ve sown

Tendered in the garden

By those of those of us below?

Do you know the sequence

of what there is to come?

Are you here among us,

Or seeing from above?

Is there just a curtain

That makes us feel apart?

Knowing that you’re nearby

Would greatly bless my heart.

Is “Goodbye” just a lie

That need not to exist?

Do you come and walk beside me?

Are you standing in the midst?

One day I’ll see your smile again.

Until that day arrives-

I’ll keep searching.

I’ll keep looking

Because I know

That you’re alive.

Kim Taylor 4/15/2021