Things I learned in 2020

December 31, 2020

1. Time is precious. No one knows what tomorrow may bring. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, where you think you’re going, how much money you have, what color your skin is…you have an expiration date. Cancer, Covid, and other health issues are no respecter of persons. We are all susceptible. So, every visit with a loved one…every hour with those you hold dear is a gift. Love them well and don’t leave with regrets.

2. There’s no place like home. I’m so grateful for the comforts of home-having your own bed, bathrooms and comfortable spaces. Living out of suitcases, in a hospital-off and on, was tough. We did the best we could to keep Sarah comfortable and she received the best care, but I never want to take for granted our own home and own space. It’s just good to be home.

3. There are amazingly generous people in our community. Throughout Sarah’s cancer journey we were blown away by the love and support we were given time and time again. Thank you to anyone who gave financial support, spiritual support, and moral support as we faced the fight of our lives. Sarah certainly felt loved and it brought her so much joy to see the way everyone rallied around our family. I’ll never forget the smiles on her face as people were showing up to encircle our house in prayer, or the night we watched via FaceTime the steak dinner crowd at the ballgame, and the line of cars for the drive thru meal, and the visitors that came to pray and wave to her outside our hospital window. I know she even saw the crowd that gathered for her celebration of life. Our army of prayer warriors and supporters was big. I wish I could personally hug and thank every one of you!

4. You’ll never regret being bold about your faith in Jesus. You don’t have to have the Bible memorized or be eloquent with your words. Just simply be willing to worship and offer up praise for who He is and what He is doing in your circumstances and God will use it to bless you and encourage others at the same time. Keep building your life on His solid truths and no matter the storms, your foundation will hold.

5. You are braver than you think. When the Lion of Judah is standing behind you—staring down whatever is threatening you-you can have courage. There’s nothing that you and Jesus can’t face together. It might not end the way that you have planned, but don’t stop asking Him for help and trusting that His plan is best. Does it feel like Sarah dying was for the best?…absolutely not for me any way. It hurts to be physically separated from her, but I know she’s healed and more alive than she’s ever been in heaven. No more chemo or cancer, no chance of Covid, no chance of heartbreak ever again. Jesus is still standing with me here as I face grief and He’s helping me be brave. When I’m to weak to fight my battles, He roars and reminds me He’s there.(Tap the image if you can’t see the cub😊)

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