On being creative…

Shared this on my personal FB page a year ago today. You’ve probably figured out that writing for me is therapy. A way to express my emotions and process them. It also helps me compare those thoughts to the truth that is instilled in me. It’s a creative and therapeutic process for me at the same time. Is there something that you do creatively to help you process your grief? The Grace in Grieving FaceBook page is a place for you to share, if you feel that it would help someone else in their own grief journey. Maybe it’s a drawing, a poem, a song, a craft, etc. If you want to share, please do and simply say “In honor of…(your person)” No explanation needed.

Image may contain: text that says 'Cancer is invasive. Jesus is invited. Cancer is the enemy. Jesus is my friend. Cancer is isolating. Jesus provides community. Cancer iS destructive. Jesus is the rebuilder. Cancer is draining. Jesus is my provider. Cancer is unfair. Jesus is faithful. Cancer is chaos Jesus gives peace. Cancer is painful. Jesus gives comfort Cancer is fear. Jesus gives courage. Cancer is sad. Jesus gives joy. Cancer is dark Jesus is light. Cancer is S prison. Jesus gives Freedom. Cancer is a battle. Jesus gives victory. is death. Jesus gives life. Cancer'
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