The Place of Your Space

There are spaces in our world that still belong to you. I imagine that they always will. We are trying our best to go on without you, but your spaces remain there-empty, but I still see you. It’s not really you, but it’s the shadow of you-a memory that is manifested by my imagination. Did you know that it’s perfectly normal for those of us who are grieving to “see” their loved one out of the corner of their eye?… in crowds and in familiar places. The memory of the mind wants desperately to hold on to “normal.”

We are all creatures of habit. Other families probably do it too. We sit at the same place at the table, in the car, in the family room when we’re watching TV, etc. Those empty places that you once filled, leave my mind and my heart searching for you. The “place of space” is yet another part of grief that will need to be confronted. There is one space that I can’t keep any longer. The memory of you is just to painful. It’s our living room. My minds eye sees you lying on our couch and your cancer is winning. I can’t keep that space any longer. So, we’re changing it. I know your ok with it. I know you understand. If you were here, you’d be so excited. That season of suffering is over and that room needs to reflect that. You will still be there in that space with us, but I’m planning it in a way that will remind us of how you are now-healed, with all of your beautiful hair, and that smile that lights up any space.

What about you? Is there a place or space where your mind’s eye still sees your loved one that has passed?…Good or Bad, it’s a real thing with grief. Comment below, if you feel led to share.

Image may contain: sky, nature and outdoor, text that says 'Death takes the body. God takes the soul. Our mind holds the memories. Our heart keeps the love. Our faith lets us know we will meet again. Photo credits Andy Dempsey, Potorcredis-AndyDmpseyourneighbor our neighbor'